WHIP: Parliament in your Hands

Technology heralds a more responsive system of governance and accountability, and it lies in our hands to harness its power. Jonny Bottomley calls on the democratisation of politics through technology. 

Written by Jonny Bottomley

Issue OneWill Chapman
The Tantric Buddhist Roots of Hatha Yoga

Dr James Mallinson explores the Tantric Buddhist roots of Hatha Yoga and reveals how, even in its earliest iterations, the practice of it was considered advantageous for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation or philosophical belief.

Written by James Mallinson

Issue OneWill Chapman
Visioning the Future

Evolution biologist Elizabeth Sahtouris explains how our scientific worldview bears significant responsibility for the ecological crisis we face today, yet it also has the ability help us unravel these problems.

Written by Elisabet Sahtouris

Issue OneWill Chapman
Kabir in the City

Hate the town in the tube,
eat roots in Pret,
step grimy feet in Chelsea,
rattle your vegan tambourine,
shut your mandala blinds.

Written by Mohammed Zaahidur Rahman

Issue OneWill Chapman
Back to the Roots

Augusta Bruce sits down with mural artist, Louis Masai, to discuss endangered species, 1970s wardrobes and the urgent need for us to collect our consciousness.

Written by Louis Masai

Issue OneWill Chapman
3 Seedy Recipes

Antonia Cantwell packs a seedy punch, with these crunchy, sweet and salty treats to keep you going through the day.

Written by Antonia Cantwell

Issue OneWill Chapman