The Re-Enchantment Series: Unlocking Magic & Inspiring Action

Mac Macartney • Sharon Blackie • Jill Purce • Angela Voss • Alan Rayner • Hardin Tibbs • Philip Frances • Rupert Sheldrake • David Luke • Kay Haw • Martin Bidartondo

Monday 19th November: Quantum Physics & Holistic Science, Hardin Tibbs & Philip Franses

Monday 3rd December: Consciousness: Parapsychology & Psychedelics, with Rupert Sheldrake & David Luke

SOLD OUT: Monday 8th October: Dreaming the Land & Native Spirituality, with Mac Macartney & Sharon Blackie

SOLD OUT: Monday 22nd October: Sound & Sacred Geometry, with Jill Purce & Angela Voss

SOLD OUT: Monday 5th November: Secrets of the Forests: Lives Within and Beyond the Trees, with Alan Rayner, Kay Haw & Martin Bidartondo

Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London, NW1 6XT

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I am full of admiration for what Ruby and Christabel are doing. It is amazing work and long may they both thrive. This is the way forward right now; this generation has some very big challenges that my generation has ducked.
— Peter Owen Jones, Clergyman, Author & Television Presenter
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Imagine walking into a room filled with young, healthy, beautiful, intelligent, educated people who are all enthusiastic and full of love and positive energy, and where you immediately sense the potential of the human race... well that was what the Advaya Initiative gathering was like.
— Bonny Casel, Director, School of Natural Medicine After the Earth Festival
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