Where Psychology Meets Politics: An Exploration into the Places Where Our Inner & Outer Worlds Collide

42 Acres, 66 Leonard St, London EC2A 4LW | Monday 2nd December 2019, 7pm


If we want fix the outer crises, we need to attend to the inner ones

We need to see the crises burning around us – accelerating climate change, extreme inequality, hyper polarised politics – for what they are: outward symptoms of our inner worlds.

Status anxiety. Loneliness. Threat perception. Grief. Shame. Lack of self-worth. The loss of our old stories without new ones to replace them.

Join us in this very special collaborative inquiry into how psychology and politics can be brought together in new, creative ways that help us to become a larger us instead of a them-and-us.

The evening will consist of a talk, workshop and discussion in collaboration with The Collective Psychology Project.

The Collective Psychology Project explores what kinds of collective psychological issues matter most for politics. What we should be aiming to achieve, and what success looks like. And above all, what approaches offer most potential for treating the wounds that threaten to tear us apart just at the moment we need to come together.

You can read their report, ‘A Larger Us’, here. More details to come soon.

About Alex & Kate


Alex Evans, Founder

Alex Evans is the author of The Myth Gap: What Happens When Evidence and Arguments Aren’t Enough? (Penguin, 2017), a book about the power of deep stories to overcome political polarisation and unlock systemic social and political change.

Until March 2018, he was a Campaign Director at Avaaz, the 47 million member global citizens’ movement, where he spent most of his time running its Brexit campaign and also ran work on tax havens, and human rights.

He’s previously been a special adviser to two UK Cabinet ministers, a policy expert in the UN Secretary-General’s office, and a research fellow for organisations from the Brookings Institution to the US National Intelligence Council.

Alex lives in North Yorkshire with his wife, two kids, and one dog, and likes meditating, running, and repairing old mechanical watches.


Kate Pumphrey

Kate is focused on field building and place-based activities across the Collective Psychology Project’s agenda. Her recent career has been dedicated to exploring ways to bridge disciplinary and demographic divides, build social capital, nurture innovation and help drive momentum for positive change. She is the founder of The Hot Breakfast, a hub that connects and supports inspiring Londoners; and speaks, writes and hosts events around the subjects of connectivity, power dynamics, community growth, collaboration and impact.

Kate began her career as a corporate finance lawyer in the City before moving into the sustainability sector, where she worked for a number of NGOs and start-ups. She lives in London, delights in the weird and wonderful, and tries to practise Buddhism.

This event is supported by 42 ACRES, SHOREDITCH