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Helena Norberg-Hodge & Jason Hickel | Economics of Happiness: Post-Growth, Localisation & Wellbeing

1-3-5 Flitcroft St, London WC2H 8DH, London | Wednesday 20th June, 7pm-10pm

An exploration of the growing worldwide movement for de-growth and economic localisation with Jason Hickel and Helena Norberg-Hodge. 

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Regenerative Activism:

Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone | Saturday 7th April, 9.15am-5.00pm

Join us and Ulex Project for a unique and timely contribution to addressing a key challenge of our time: how to nourish the self while (and through) creating social change, enabling this to be a means of flourishing, both individually and for society. A day of presentations, discussions and workshops bringing together leading activists and change makers from across the UK and beyond.

Justine Huxley (St. Ethelburga's) • Asad Rehman (War on Want) • Alasdair Roxburgh (Friends of the Earth) • Sophy Banks (Transition Towns Movement) • Bayo Akomolafe (The Emergence Network) • Pat McCabe (Indigenous Rights) • Sarah Corbett (Craftivist Collective) • Natasha Adams (Campaigns Consultant) • Rachel Lilley (Aberystwyth University) • Guhyapati (Ulex Project & The Eco-Dharma Centre) • Gita Parihar (Legal Consultant) • Ruby & Christabel Reed (Advaya Initiative)

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Cycle Alignment for Feminine Empowerment

The Hoxton, Holborn | Saturday 25th November, 10.45am-4.45pm

Lunar Cycle Alignment Workshop and Talk with Merilyn Keskula (Milky Moon Lab), Harmonising Ayurveda Lunch & Talk, Morning Workshops include Kundalini Yoga, Drawing the Female Form and Vinyasa Krama Yoga.
We need an economy based on sustainability, integrity, gratitude, connection with nature and collaboration. The connection to natural cycles is the foundation for changing the world on an individual and collective level through our presence and our power to create, build and innovate. Together we can learn to heal and strengthen the connection to our wild power by becoming more aware of the guidance of our bodies, the Universe, and how the natural cycles influence every cell and every moment of our being. 

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Mythic Imagination: The Power of Storytelling and Mythology with Sharon Blackie, Joanna Gilar, Jay Griffiths, Sue Hollingsworth

The Hoxton, Holborn | Saturday 30th September, 10.45am

A deep dive into the power of mythology and storytelling as spiritual and practical tools to connect to our true purpose, empower our lives and ignite awe and wonder at the world around us. Throughout the day we will uncover ancient myths and develop new stories to enliven and deepen our understanding of who we are, where we are, and how we are right now. Speakers and workshop leaders will guide us through our sub-conscious to explore native myths, fairy tales and folk traditions, as well as our own personal story, and how each of these affect the world we see around us.

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