Soul Seed Gathering: The Deep Feminine & Maria Medicine Woman Film Screening

Laylow, London W10 5PE | Thursday 20th June 2019, 6:30-8:00pm

Join us for a very special evening exploring the Deep Feminine with Hannah Ruth Dyson, founder of SoulSeed Gathering. Including a Talk, Q&A and 30 minute Interview Screening of Hannah with Maria, a Guatemalan Medicine Woman.

Soul Seed Gathering.

Soul Seed Gathering.

Soul Seed Gathering is a multi-disciplinary research institute + media and events production company with a mission to research and showcase the ‘deep feminine’ perspective of indigenous communities across the world. They foster cultural exchanges with Western women to create positive impact for all. 

Maria, a Guatemalan Medicine Woman.

Maria, a Guatemalan Medicine Woman.

The ‘Deep Feminine’ 

The Deep Feminine researches the pre-history of the feminine, female, femme and womxn’s experience. This is with the acknowledgement that parts of the feminine expression has been suppressed, lost and forgotten within this patriarchal society, that has dominated for the past 12,000 years, since the advent of agriculture and homesteading. 

Soul Seed Gathering works with indigenous female leaders as the strongest link to our deep feminine experience, less influenced by ‘modern’ civilisation and thus, patriarchal dominance. 


Hannah Ruth Dyson, Soul Seed Gathering


Originating from Wales, Hannah Ruth Dyson is CEO of Soul Seed Gathering, a deep feminine research house and event production company. 

Hannah has become an expert in women's ancestral wisdom, working with indigenous communities worldwide. She has produced and directed gathering chapters, independent research and documentary work with secluded communities in Guatemala, Colombia, and Costa Rica thus far. With works initiated in Peru and South Africa.

She received a Bachelor of Science at the London School of Economics, and has previous experience in international documentary research and film production.

Her all-women research foundation and retreat company Soul Seed Gathering was born in 2015, standing upon a previous three years of independent research.

Hannah’s work acts as a bridge to understanding our collective human story by bringing greater awareness to the female and indigenous perspective.

Her work offers solutions for Earth-Centered change from business actions, activism, and community building.

A loved speaker, facilitator, women's coach and non-fiction writer, Hannah empowers women to find and be guided by their own internal compass.

Hannah and her family reside in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.