The Shifting Consciousness Series

Steiner House, 35 Park Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6XT

Colin Campbell & Pat MCCABE: Monday 18 March

GLENNIE KINDRED: Monday 25 March



The real revolution will be the evolution of consciousness.

The climate crisis we are facing today is an ethical, political and human rights issue. It is a call to radical action: an opportunity to evolve, to come together and co-create. We need a shift in consciousness that reframes what’s important and empowers us to change our lives today. 

The Shifting Consciousness Series invites spiritual teachers and wisdom keepers to explore how we can foster more nourishing and sustainable ways of being. These perspectives celebrate what it is to be alive, while empowering us to further the global movement in defense of our Earth and mental health. 

Central to the series is the balance between hope and celebration with action and authenticity.

Pat McCabe & Colin Campbell

Monday 18th March

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Talk: This Thriving Life: A Science of Right Relations

Pat McCabe (Weyakpa Najin Win, Woman Stands Shining) is a Diné (Navajo) mother, grandmother, activist, artist, writer, ceremonial leader, and international speaker. She is a voice for global peace, and her paintings are created as tools for individual, earth and global healing. She draws upon the Indigenous sciences of Thriving Life to reframe questions about sustainability and balance, and she is devoted to supporting the next generations, Women’s Nation and Men’s Nation, in being functional members of the “Hoop of Life” and upholding the honor of being human.

Her primary work at the moment is:

  • The reconciliation between the masculine and feminine, Men's Nation and Women's Nation

  • Remembering, recreating or creating anew a narrative for the Sacred Masculine

  • Addressing the Archetypal Wounding that occurred in our misunderstanding and abuse of technology in prayer, ceremony and science

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Colin Campbell grew up in rural southeastern Botswana, the son of a renowned anthropologist and a creative healing mother. His grandmother was a famous healer, whom people voyaged to see from far afield. On formative childhood travels with his father he slept under stars, learned from traditional San people and ways of the desert, awoke beside lion paw prints, and regularly fished cobras out of his bedroom draw. At the age of eleven he was diagnosed as having the illness of calling, which ultimately led to his being trained and initiated as a traditional doctor and sangoma. Through the time of his upbringing he acquired a deep knowledge of Tswana culture and its traditional medicinal and spiritual practices.

Colin is currently a practitioner of traditional African medicine, based in Cape Town, South Africa and the U.K. He receives clients from all over the world, and facilitates international group processes relating to natural law, transformation, healing & personal power, sacred sites, and cross-cultural cosmology. His work bridges major world cities with ancestral homelands and forgotten wilderness, taking him from the Amazon Basin to Los Angeles, the sacred sites of Venda to the urban grit of Johannesburg, and remote Ethiopia to the City of London. Colin co-founded and co-runs a training school in Botswana for traditional doctors and sangomas with his brother Niall Campbell. He is also a lifelong artist and musician, his style once again bridging the traditional with the contemporary, the timeless with the timely, and the sounds of the sacred with the lyricism of electric rocking funk.

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Talk: Rites of Passage: Mapping our Way Through Change and Transition

Colin Campbell will explore the potential of pre-industrial rites of passage models as tools for mapping our collective way through radical change and transition. We will look at the question of 'radical action' as a primary stance in our activism amid times of crisis, and consider the significant role artists and creatives could play as luminaries in a return to a mythic basis for understanding our relationship with the rest of the living universe. 

Glennie Kindred, The Alchemy of Change

Monday 25th March

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Glennie Kindred is an artist and a writer with eleven books currently published, all of which include her artwork. Her books are practical and inspire the reader to self-empowerment. They explore the wild edges of our relationship with the Earth through our native plants and trees, tree lore, herbalism, Earth wisdom, alchemy, celebrating the Earth's cycles and creating heartfelt ceremony. She is also the editor and co-creator of the yearly publication, the Earth Pathways Diary.

Glennie loves being with her dear family and good friends, spending lots of time outside, sensitively gardening her wild garden and walking the land. She loves being at home, cooking good organic food and making medicines from the plants around her. She is passionate about our astonishing and wondrous Earth-home and all our beautiful native plants and trees. At present, she is learning to sit and be: to absorb the quiet medicine and teachings of the plants, the trees and the Earth, and absorb nature's seasonal beauty as it unfolds.

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Talk: The Alchemy Of Change with Glennie Kindred:

This talk looks at our current beautiful shift into Holistic Consciousness, as we begin to embrace our sense of unity with all life, and how this is manifesting in both our personal lives and in our relationship with life around us; and our changing relationship with the Earth and ways we can explore new forms of communication and relationship between ourselves and the rest of life on Earth, once we drop our separation barriers. This Shift in Consciousness opens the way for receiving deep wisdom from the plants, the trees, the birds, animals and insects, and the rocks of our land, and taps into our sense of deep time and deep belonging. We are also able to peacefully enter into the Imaginal Realms and journey into our own inner world of deep wisdom, spirit guides and archetypes.

Each thought we have, everything we say, feel and do has resonance and is part of the whole and we are the creative alchemy of change and manifestation. The more we feel our interconnected selves, the more interconnections manifest!

We will explore ways to anchor this shift into our everyday lives, through simple, daily practice of loving kindness, affirmations, conscious intentions and personal rituals that help us to stand in our own truth with the interconnected dance with all life. Central will be our ability to consciously develop this shift in consciousness, and work with the natural and abundant flow of our life-force energy, to manifest the future and create the changes we wish to see happen, both personal, communal and global.