Seasons of the Sacred: Autumnal Feast with Music, Talks & Ceremony

Refetterio Felix, St Cuthbert’s Centre, Earl’s Court | Saturday 19th October 2019, 5:45-9:00pm

Join us for an experiential journey into sacred time and place. Offering a participatory dining experience guided by a programme of stories, shared practice and live music. With guest teacher, writer and conservationist Eleanor O'hanlon. Please scroll down for full details.



Harvest moon / first frosts / fruition / decline / transformation / falling leaves / descent / colour / darkness / change / letting go / preparation / dreams / listening / inner worlds / hibernation / endings

We invite you to join us for an experiential journey into Autumn.

This participatory evening will guide guests through a programme of shared rituals, including; a seasonal three-course dinner, the telling and exploration of stories, live classical music by Jatinder Singh Durhailey, and guest teaching from writer and conservationist Eleanor O’hanlon.

The Autumn is approaching. As nature prepares to go to sleep, we enter a period of quiet but radical transformation, marking a threshold between life and death, growth and decline. Autumn offers an opportunity to celebrate all that has been nurtured, grown and finally come to fruition. As the temperature drops to the tune of falling leaves, the darker nights invite us inward, into the creative realms and dreams of our inner life.

In the Autumn of our civilisation a deep and radical transformation is also occurring. As our climate changes, and we experience loss as never before, there can be tears, heartache and fear as we move into the darkness of the unknown. But what creative potential lies here in the inner worlds? What can keep us nourished and guided in the dark? How can we listen for the new life that can be born through our hearts and hands?

With Vilma Loustarinen:


Our menu will be:

• Simple but beautiful

• A celebration of the current season, a seasonal feast

• Focused on plant-based foods (with small quantities of dairy)

• Healthy and nourishing for both body, senses, mind, soul

• A moment of togetherness, presented in a way that encourages sharing and conversation

• Prepared with care and compassion

• Sourced from local farmers and producers, including foraged or surplus ingredients where possible

• Presented in a way that connects guest with origins of food

• Combining flavours, colours and textures in interesting ways

• Tactile

….and obviously, delicious!

We can cater for specific dietary requirements, please email with your information.



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Seasons of the Sacred is a four-part series of events offering a remembrance of sacred time and place. Each event invites participants on a journey into the season through the shared rituals of food, stories and practice, inviting us to step back into the ancient and newly emerging story of earth as sacred.

How can we re-enter the primal rhythms of soil and soul, nourish and be nourished by the earth once more?

How can we become intimate with our land; with the beauty, abundance, dreams and sorrows of our living earth?

How can we make practices of reverence, stewardship and celebration in our communities and lives?

Guest Teacher:

Eleanor O’Hanlon


Eleanor O’Hanlon is an award-winning writer and conservationist with a passion for re-connecting with the inner, spiritual dimension of the animals and the natural world. Born on the West Coast of Ireland, Eleanor has carried out field research for international conservation groups in remote wilderness areas around the world, from the High Arctic to the Caucasus mountains, the Russian taiga forest and the Namib desert.

She has worked with outstanding scientists, explorers, and nature photographers on projects to raise awareness and help protect wilderness and wildlife. Her articles on animal consciousness and wilderness conservation have appeared in a wide range of magazines and anthologies, from BBC Wildlife, Geo Animan and other magazines in Europe and the US to the Dark Mountain anthology, and the 2016 edition of the Spiritual Ecology anthology The Cry of the Earth. Her book Eyes of the Wild Journeys of Transformation with the Animal Powers takes the reader into some of these remote wilderness areas, to experience a series of profound close encounters with whales, wolves, brown bears, polar bears and wild horses.

These life-changing journeys are guided by biologists and other contemporary observers who are renewing the ancestral ways of direct connection with the animals and the life of nature. Their groundbreaking scientific research meets the wisdom teachings and the storytelling from the shamanic, Celtic Christian and other traditions to show us how we can awaken now, out of the dream of separation into immediate connection with the essence and unity of life.


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Amrita Bhohi:

Amrita leads the Spiritual Ecology Programme at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation. She teaches and facilitates public workshops and events sharing the spiritual ecology curriculum. She holds an MA in Ecological Economics from Schumacher College and is a Fellow of St Paul’s Institute and the College for Real Farming and Food Culture.

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Vilma Luostarinen:

Vilma is a London-based artist and food experience designer. She creates menus, meals, installations and workshops that explore how food and eating can form dialogues between the human and natural world, and nurture more imaginative, caring and sustainable ways of coexistence. Vilma is interested in the psychological and spiritual dimensions of sustainable development.

She holds a masters degree in Narrative Environments from Central Saint Martins. Vilma has previously worked with National Trust, V&A, Wellcome Collection, and London Design Festival amongst others.

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Ruby and Christabel Reed:

Ruby & Christabel co-founded Advaya Initiative. Advaya is an educational and experiential social change platform that explores solutions to the interconnected crises of ecological collapse, consumerism and mental health. They are organisers, facilitators as well as yoga teachers interested in the intersections between ecology, healing and social transformation.

“My friend Dave and I absolutely loved it and were both deeply moved by the love and care that had clearly gone into the whole event, the incredible food, the inspiring speakers and the conversations we ended up having at our table. In the spectrum between despair at the state of things and commitment to action I personally went through a journey, and a renewed/ deepened commitment being the feeling I left with.”  – spring participant

“Many good things happened that are yet describable or can be explained but yes it will reveal themselves in a good way. You are on the road to building community with the earth and that is the medicine to strengthen the bond with her… Mother Nature.”  –  Tiokasin Ghosthorse, summer event guest teacher

“Thank you so much for such a special evening on Saturday. I think the memory of sitting by the fire will stay with me forever. I need more moments like that in my life! ” – summer participant

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