Exploring Your Personal Relationship With Money | Mar Hausler

Garden Gate, 59 Ladbroke Grove, London, W11 3AT. (Entrance on St. John's Gardens - next to the church) | Saturday 16th June, 10am-5pm

Art by Lea Marcaccini - https://makingartandbreakinghearts.com/

Art by Lea Marcaccini - https://makingartandbreakinghearts.com/

A one day exploration of your personal & emotional relationship with money with Mar Michelle.

Money lies at the foundation of our economic system. It is a neutral energy that has the power to manifest and create in the material world. Our emotional projections, beliefs and deep conditionings obscure our relationship to money, which can block our ability to flow and live prosperously on a personal and wider economic level. How can we enter a dynamic space to question this on a deeper level, and therefore reflect on the current system we live in?

Through guided meditations, dynamic group exercises, personal reflection and questioning, you will become aware of disempowering patterns and beliefs holding you back from creating a life where money serves you. 

This workshop is for those who are ready to step into alignment with abundance.



9.30 - Arrivals & registration
10.00 - Opening & introduction
10.45 - Meditation & self-exploration
11.45 - Money game
1.15 - Lunch
2.15 - Dynamic exercise
3.15 - Break
3.30 - Reflection & closing
4.30 - End


Mar Michelle Häusler studied Economics (BSc) and embarked on a career as a financial trader in London. After a highly successful career working for prestigious investment banks, she became disillusioned with the system and left to explore her spiritual path full time. In 2016 she graduated form Schumacher College in the UK with a Masters in Economics for Transition. This allowed her to integrate her past experience as a trader and explore new ways of living life. She is working with people to transition from a prescribed way of living and working for money, to a holistic life where moneys serves to create abundance through aligning with ones life purpose.