Dreaming the Land & Native Spirituality, with Mac Macartney & Sharon Blackie

Unlocking Magic & Inspiring Action

There is a love story that is surfacing all over the world. Come to explore mythology, celtic storytelling and the deep dreaming of the land. 

Steiner House, 35 Park Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6XT

Monday 8 October 2018, 18.30-21.00

Photograph from The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Photograph from The Lost Gardens of Heligan

PART OF THE RE-ENCHANTMENT SERIES, a 5-part series of talks including:

Monday 8th October: Dreaming the Land & Native Spirituality, with Mac Macartney & Sharon Blackie

Monday 22nd October: Sound & Sacred Geometry, with Jill Purce & Angela Voss

Monday 5th November: Secrets of the Forests: Lives Within & Beyond the Trees, with Alan Rayner & tbc

Monday 19th November: Quantum Physics: The Science of Metaphysics, Hardin Tibbs & Philip Franses

Monday 3rd December: Consciousness: Paraphysics & Psychedelics, with Rupert Sheldrake & David Luke


We’ve fallen out of love with the world. It’s clear from the way we treat it.

Every other Monday in central London from 8 October to 3 December 2018 we will be re-igniting curiosity as we explore aspects of daily life including consciousness, quantum physics, trees, holistic science, native spirituality, sacred geometry, storytelling and sound.

Mass mental illness and climate change are not inevitable. They are the result of certain narratives, behaviours and habits. Let’s shift perspectives, empower ourselves for change and co-create a future we want to be a part of.

With special thanks to Sharon Blackie and her 2018 publication The Enchanted Life: Unlocking the Magic of the Everyday.

To live an enchanted life is to pick up the pieces of our bruised and battered psyches, and to offer them the nourishment they long for. It is to be challenged, to be awakened, to be gripped and shaken to the core by the extraordinary which lies at the heart of the ordinary. Above all, to live an enchanted life is to fall in love with the world all over again.
— Sharon Blackie




Enchantment has nothing to do with magical thinking; rather, it is founded on an understanding of the mythic imagination as a living principle that draws us into deeper, lasting relationship with this beautiful, animate Earth. And in these uncertain times, we need the wild wisdom of myth more than ever – because myth is the bridge from which we can learn to let ourselves fall into the land’s long Dreaming. Celtic mythology offers insights into our own native traditions, and the ancient stories of our own lost Dreamtime. Those stories are founded on a reciprocal and respectful contract between people and the land – a contract presided over by Otherworldly women who represent the spirit of the land and of the Earth itself, the anima mundi. These stories of our own land are calling to us, and so are the archetypal characters who inhabit them. It’s time to reclaim them. It’s time to dream ourselves awake.

DR SHARON BLACKIE is an award-winning writer of fiction and nonfiction, a psychologist who has specialised both in neuroscience and narrative, and a mythologist with a specialisation in Celtic Studies. Her unique approach to working with myth, fairy tales and folklore highlights the insights these traditions can offer us into authentic and meaningful ways of being which are founded on a deep sense of belonging to place, a rootedness in the land we inhabit. In early 2017 she founded The Hedge School: both an online space and a physical location in Connemara, for teachings in myth, wild mind and enchantment.

Sharon was the founder and editor of EarthLines Magazine and is the author of The Long Delirious Burning Blue, If Women Rose Rooted and The Enchanted Life. She is now completing a collection of original fairy tales about shapeshifting women, Foxfire, Wolfskin, which will be published in autumn 2019.

After several years as a crofter in the north-west of Scotland and the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Sharon returned to Ireland in 2014 and has recently traded an old stone riverside cottage in Donegal for a house among the hills, lakes and seaweed-strewn tidal inlets of the Connemara Gaeltacht. Her experiences on the westernmost edges of the Celtic fringe give her a unique perspective on the psychology of belonging, and our relationship with place.




In the beginning was the dreaming. All that was, is, and will be, is born from the dreaming. We knew this once and we can know it again. The deep dreaming of the land is the ancient loving voice of our mother calling us home. The outstretched hand of Native peoples is cupped and held by the mother. This way they do not forget. It is different with us. Yet even so, magic steals upon the land and we are rising as if from a deep sleep. How wondrous…….to be born at this time of great awakening. Mac Macartney shares some parts of a love story that is surfacing all around the world. It seeks to reclaim our future and name it beautiful.

MAC MACARTNEY is an international speaker, writer and change-maker. He is also the founder of the leadership-based social enterprise, Embercombe. and co-founder of the organisational change network Liquid School.

Over a period of twenty years Mac was mentored by a group of indigenous elders. During this training and ever since, he has attempted to bring two worlds together – an ancient world-view that emphasises relationship, interdependence, and reverence for life with the significant challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.