Cyclical Living as Embodied Activism with Ruby May

42 Acres, Shoreditch, 66 Leonard St, London EC2A 4LW | Tuesday 19th November 2019, 7pm

What does living cyclically - particularly living in attunement with the cycles of our wombs (for those of us who have them!) - have to do with politics or activism?


“Inhabiting your body - reuniting with its intelligence - is one of the most political statements you can make” - Philip Shepherd

This is an invitation for anyone, regardless of gender, to join Ruby May for an evening enquiry to come and find out what living cyclically - particularly living in attunement with the cycles of our wombs (for those of us who have them!) - has to do with politics or activism….

At the root of the current ecological crisis we face is our disconnect from our bodies. Rather than being mere ‘brain taxis (!)’ as our disembodied culture might suggest, our bodies have a profound wisdom and intelligence, awaiting our discovery. Reuniting with this wisdom and our sense of wholeness has potent ramifications: supporting us in creating intelligent responses to the current crises we are faced with, deconstructing the ways we have internalised the oppressive systems and narratives we live in that create such imbalance and destruction, and creating new life-affirming systems.

Through talk and playful discussion - with a little gentle embodiment practice along the way! - we’ll be covering:

* What happens physically, emotionally and spiritually to women and people with wombs in the different phases of their menstrual cycle.

* The Cyclical Blueprint: reconnecting with 'wholeness' through the body and its implications for systems change

* The practice of MCA (Menstrual Cycle Awareness) as a tool for dismantling internalised oppression: moving from disconnect and power over to connection, listening and responding to.

* PMT, emotional literacy and the activism of grief.

* Redefining intelligence: using cyclical wisdom for guidance in generating creative solutions to personal and collective issues

* Managing our energy as activists: how to kick ass and not burn out!

* What is ‘feminine’ or womb-centered leadership?

About Ruby May


Ruby May is a truth-seeking, earth-loving, edge-dwelling creative visionary and facilitator who brings fifteen years of personal self-enquiry, research and experience working internationally within the fields of human relating, sexuality & women’s empowerment. She is co-founder of ‘Authentic Eros: Beyond Gender’ and ‘Lucid’, and runs ‘Know Your Flow’, an online mentorship program and network exploring cyclical living and womb-centered leadership for personal and planetary revolution..

This event is supported by 42 Acres, Shoreditch

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