Climate Justice: Basic Rights for People & Planet

Feest Islington • Saturday 23rd February 2019, 1.00-6.00pm

An afternoon forum of talks, food, music and poetry uncovering the inside track on climate change and hearing from the people at the frontline driving climate solutions. Schedule, Line-Up and more info coming soon.


Climate change is not ‘just’ environmental. It is an ethical, political and social issue. It is a matter of justice and an issue of rights. The catastrophe that we are witnessing today will affect every one of us and every life-form on the planet. But crucially, it is the weakest and most vulnerable in society who will be affected first and most severely. Climate change revolves around a question of global inequality and our inability to see the bigger picture, and it perfectly demonstrates the destruction fueled by our consumerist growth economy.

On Saturday 23rd February 2019 Advaya will be looking at the everyday reality of climate change and its impact across the globe. Re-framed as an ethical and political issue, scientists, campaigners and lawyers will give us the inside track into what is happening right now and introduce us to some of the amazing work that is being done around the globe by people driving climate solutions. From the front-lines of climate change to the corridors of power and corporate elites, we will come to understand what’s what and what we can do about it.

At Advaya we believe that through awareness we evolve. We see crisis as an opportunity for positive change through co-creation and celebration. True to form, the day will be filled with story, music, food and connection. We will hear from a diverse group of speakers giving insight into:

  • Climate Justice, Basic Rights for People & Planet

  • Growth based economy

    • consumption, consumerism and inequality

  • Corporate Rights vs Human Rights

    • Globalisation vs Localisation

    • Food Sovereignty (farming, fishing)

  • Ecocide & Rights of the Earth

  • Human Rights

    • Climate refugees & Migration

    • Access to clean air, food and water

    • Women

  • The Current technologies out there and limiting policies

Schedule, Line-Up and more info coming soon