REWILD: Nature Connection and Yoga Retreat at Trasierra, in the Hills of Southern Spain

Trasierra, Cazalla De La Sierra, Seville | Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th May,


Take a deep dive into nature and your practice and dedicate the time to emerge refreshed, empowered and connected. 

Five days of yoga, meditation, delicious and healthy food, chanting, pranayama, drawing, star-gazing, walking in the hills, nature connection and ceremony, with plenty of free time to relax, explore and assimilate.

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Join us for this very special opportunity to connect to nature and your practice at the beautiful Trasierra, perched among the wild hills of Cazalla De La Sierra, Southern Spain. 


We invite you to enter into a space of deep relaxation and even deeper healing.

This retreat will consist of:
• Daily Yoga classes by Amber Scott
• Delicious and nourishing meals by Giaconda Scott
• Ceremony, Empowerment & Self-Love with Chloe Isidora
• Nature Connection workshops and walking with Ruby Reed
• Evening Meditation, Chanting and Pranayama with Christabel Reed
• Plenty of time to relax by the pool, soak in the sunshine, take part in arts and crafts, read and explore the nature

Amber has been running yoga and hill walking retreats at Trasierra for almost a decade. Her teaching style summons up the intelligence of the student so that the practice becomes truly integrated. Connecting neurological pathways in the physical body means that each movement we make provides a pathway to greater understanding of the self and the way we operate. Deep shifts are given space to occur and the practice becomes truly transformative.

The Nature Connection workshops by Ruby will be an opportunity to reintegrate into the natural world and feel connected to the Earth as a source of innate strength and power. We will walk and explore and use art, craft, breathwork and meditations as ways to move beyond the mental space and enter into a creative and connected realm, shaking off the burdens and effects of our mechanised, systemised fast-past world.

Delicious and healthy meals will be cooked three times a day by Giaconda, who will create recipes inspired locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Giaconda is a very talented chef who has spent many years travelling the world gaining culinary experience. Her innate knowledge of food is married to her natural curiosity and passion, and it is this alchemy that makes every meal a feast.

The days will end with peaceful chanting, gentle movement, pranayama and meditation led by Christabel as a way to reconnect with the heart while becoming aware of our innate power and ability to re-wild, to un-peel the layers that prevent us from connecting to our most wild, natural and thriving selves! 

Nature-based empowerment ceremonies will be held by Chloe Isidora who will also be offering 1-2-1 sessions throughout the 5 days. Chloe works with the Divine Feminine empowerment, she is passionate about sacred self love and focuses on transformation, shedding limiting beliefs, thought patterns and stories that no longer serve so we may take full responsibility for what is arising in our lives while holding the mirror so others can take responsibility for what is happening in their lives.

Each day you will also have the opportunity to relax in the beautiful house and garden or lounge by the pool, paint, draw and read, or go on walks in the surrounding, magical hills and forests.

All inclusive prices from £850 depending on which room you choose. To reserve a place and choose your room please contact us. We will then ask you to pay a £200 deposit before paying the full price by mid April.

For more information on the practitioners and hosts, please see the following websites:   •    •   •





3pm - Arrive
6.30pm - Yoga with Amber
8pm - Dinner
9.30pm - Welcome Ceremony with Chloe Isidora


7.30-9 - Yoga with Amber
9.15-10 - Breakfast
11-1 - Walk & Nature Connection Workshop with Ruby (optional)
2-3 - Lunch
3-6 - Free time (drawing, swimming, relaxing, etc.)
6 - 7.30 - Evening gentle movement, chanting and meditation with Christabel
8 - Dinner


7.30-9 - Yoga with Amber
9.15-10 - Breakfast
11-1 - Chloe Isidora - Sacred Self Love
2-3 - Lunch
3-6 - Free time
6 - 7.30 - Restorative Yoga with Amber
8 - Dinner
9 - Fire-side story telling


6.00-7.00 - Optional Sunrise Meditation in Nature
7.30-9 - Yoga with Amber
9.15-10 - Breakfast
11-1 - Forest Walk and Nature Craft with Ruby (optional)
1 - 2 Lunch
3 - 6 - Free time
6 - 7.30 - Sound in Movement & Meditation with Christabel
8 - Dinner
9 - Last night bonfire, celebration and ceremony with Chloe Isidora



6.30-7.30 - Silent walk
7.30 - 9.30 - Yoga with Amber
10-11 - Brunch/breakfast

About Amber Scott

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Amber was born and brought up in Spain, spending her time surrounded by nature in the hills north of Seville. She travelled extensively with her family around India from the age of 5; this is where she got my first taste of the inspiration that would later draw her to the practice of yoga. Over the years, her mother practised with devotion and began to host yoga weeks in Spain with various fantastic teachers, one of whom started her off on her own yoga journey at the age of 17. She began to attend classes during these retreats and was lucky to receive some wonderful instruction from different teachers that visited them from London.

Amber went on to cultivate a strong self-practice using books, primarily ´Light on Yoga' by B.K.S Iyengar and 'Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha' from the Bihar School of Yoga. She learned for the first time how to breathe properly, and went to live in India, where she immersed herself deeply in self-practice while teaching English to children. A year later, she travelled to Nepal where she commenced her training in the Thai healing tradition at the Healing Hands Centre in Kathmandu. She undertook a course in Hatha Yoga and continued to cultivate her self-practice, learning the practice of yoga nidra, which she continues to teach. At the request of friends and guests, Amber began to teach some students in the spirit of sharing her learnings and knowledge. Travelling next to Rishikesh, Amber studied with Usha Devi, a strong teacher from the Iyengar tradition. On this trip she began to explore the teachings of buddhism and on a ten day silent buddhist retreat had her first experience of teaching a group, leading a daily class aimed at preparing the body for long periods of sitting. Back in London Amber enrolled on a degree course in Sanskrit and the study of religions at SOAS, continued to teach private clients and worked as a massage therapist around the city. It was at this time that she started a family, and shortly after met Ruth White with whom she did her yoga teacher training. Ruth taught Amber to hold back within the physical postures, which enabled her to cultivate a deeper awareness in her practice.

 Amber's method of teaching is called Karuna Yoga, the yoga of compassion. It is an adaptation of the rigorous Iyengar training; it is precise, clear and safe, all of which are qualities of teaching that Amber has adopted and for which she is deeply grateful. After many years training with Ruth, Amber began to run her own retreats combining yoga and hill walking at her beloved family home in Spain, Trasierra. She has also begun to follow her interest in healing through the therapeutic application of yoga and has trained with another truly great teacher, Tias Little. Tias founded Prajna Yoga, a method that pays particular attention to the yoga of the subtle body.  The emphasis is on slowing down and cultivating sensory awareness to remove obstacles to freedom. 

Currently studying an MA in the Traditions of Yoga & Meditation at SOAS University in London is giving Amber the opportunity to read about the roots of this practice that has given her so much, adding a much needed dimension to the practical works. She continues to run retreats, teach privately and locally, deepen her own practice and learn through her teaching. As often as possible she makes her way back to India to absorb the immediacy of spiritual life. 

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About Chloe Isidora


Chloe began studying Shamanism in October 2013 when she was searching for some relief and answers while working as a fashion editor. She remembers very clearly on the last day of the course Alberto Villoldo, her teacher and founder of The Four Winds Society, told her: “Don’t be surprised if your life changes when you go home.”

His prediction came true. Just hours after arriving home, Chloe's boyfriend at the time ended their three-year relationship, and the following day she was fired from her Fashion Editor job. In the space of two days, she had been completely stripped of her identity. It was a very challenging and emotional time, however she saw these events as huge gifts as she was given the opportunity and freedom to change her life and she began a magical journey of deep healing, growth and transformation. 

Since then, Chloe has travelled to study in the East and West Coast of America, Peru, Chile, Thailand, and India. She is initiated in Shamanism, Crystalline Consciousness and Herbalism and studied at the Oneness University.

Chloe is currently working with the Divine Feminine empowerment, creating workshops, women's circles and offering private sessions. She is passionate about sacred self love, empowering herself and holding space for others to be empowered. She is deeply focused on transformation, shedding limiting beliefs, thought patterns and stories that no longer serve and taking full responsibility for what is arising in my life and holding the mirror so others can take responsibility for what is happening in their lives. Her purpose is to live the path of devotion and be in service to the Divine by being of service to humanity.

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About Ruby Reed


Ruby teaches an alignment based vinyasa yoga. Her teaching style engages a subtle and embodied approach that uses the breath to guide a slow, strong and creative practice.  She brings an excellent knowledge of anatomy and physiology to a passion for the authentic teachings of yoga philosophy, blending these in an informed and full approach to the study of Yoga. 

Ruby first practiced yoga 10 years ago in India in her teens, which begun a passion with a practice which would go on to change her life. Later, she developed a high energy, daily practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa under the guidance of Brett Porzio and now Ursula Scott, which over 4 years has led her from dark early mornings in the Soho shala, to learn from the source in India, practicing with the Jois family at KPJAYI, Mysore. Her formal training began on the rigorous BWY and YA accredited two-year training at Triyoga, London in 2014 with Susannah Hoffman and Jeff Fenix, during which time she had the opportunity to take a deep dive into authentic meditative practices, from pre-classical yoga to the creative exploration of Tantra, under the guidance of Carlos Pomeda. Now under the watchful eye of her teachers Colin Dunsmuir and Miranda Taylor, she takes part in another transformational four-year training in Vinyasa Krama, the tradition of Krishnamacharya.

Ruby remains continually in awe of the powerful practice of yoga to unstick and shift negative patterns, opening the doorway for change. She is also a passionate free-diver and is learning more about this amazing technique and the way it expands our consciousness, mind and body. She is an advocate of an embodied approach to life, where the breath comes first as we cherish and remain present in every moment.

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About Christabel Reed


Employing the practice therapeutically and according to the individuals in front of her, Christabel focuses on breath development and the cultivation of a calmer mind, whist guiding students through dynamic movement. Initially drawn to Yoga through its ability to release her from quite severe anxiety that she had been suffering with for years, Christabel likes to nurture within her students the practice of non-judgemental observation, becoming aware of, and accepting, where we are and how we are. By working at this level we can gradually bring about positive changes to our actions, thoughts and behaviours, as when we are aware of our actions we are no longer prisoners to our habits. Classes generally include asana, pranayama, relaxation, chanting and meditation. Christabel has been teaching for 3 years and is currently finishing off her Masters at SOAS in the Traditions of Yoga & Meditation. Although completing two Teacher Trainings in her early 20s Christabel is now in the second year of her third TTC, taught by Colin Dunsmuir. This deep and progressive four-year course in Ayurveda and the Tradition of Krishnamacharya has already been transformational to both her practice and her teaching and she looks forward to ever-expanding her knowledge.

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About Trasierra

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Trasierra is a privately owned hotel set high in the Sierra Morena Mountains, 80km north of Seville in the heart of Andalucia. This historic 16th Century house stands in an aromatic garden surrounded by three thousand acres of olive and orange groves and has been the property of Charlotte Scott and her family for 25 years. Its charm is that it is a family house as well as an hotel; designed for people who appreciate peace, good taste and comfort, delicious food and stunning unspoilt landscapes.

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