A Comedy Evening with a Twist: The Ugly Animal Roadshow

Library CLub, 112 St Martin's Ln, WC2N 4BD | Tuesday 25th July 2017, 6-9PM

A comedy evening with a twist...

Join us for an evening with the UGLY ANIMAL PRESERVATION SOCIETY, hosted by Simon Watt, a biologist, writer, science communicator, comedian and TV presenter - best known for his work on the BAFTA winning documentary series Inside Nature’s Giants and the Channel 4 special The Elephant: Life After Death.

The Ugly Animal Roadshow is an evening dedicated to raising the profile of some of Mother Nature’s more aesthetically challenged children. The panda gets too much attention. Join comedian and frog botherer Simon Watt and friends as they play around with some new material.

The evening will be held at the private members club, Library, situated just a two minute walk from Trafalgar Square. 

The event is free, but a donation of £5.00 on the day is happily received, with the total being donated to a conservation charity picked by the comedians on the evening.

Further info:

Website: www.uglyanimalsoc.com