A Summer Solstice Celebration, on International Yoga Day. Asana & Kirtan for New Beginnings with Nikki Slade & John Stirk

The Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London, W1K 1HF | Wednesday 21st June 2017


Incredible 📷 by @nothinmyst of Joanne Ameya @woman.rising and Achintya @goddess_rising with moon edits by @woman.rising

Incredible 📷 by @nothinmyst of Joanne Ameya @woman.rising and Achintya @goddess_rising with moon edits by @woman.rising

On the evening of the Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day, Advaya Initiative will host a special event celebrating Unity, bringing in the new Season with Yoga, Chanting, Ritual and Meditation.

Participants will have the choice to take part in a Chanting Kirtan workshop led by Nikki Slade, the UK’s #1 Kirtan leader and a pioneering natural voice facilitator with over 25 years experience throughout the Americas, Australia, Europe and UK, or a Yoga Workshop with John Stirk, author of 'The Original Body' and one of the UK’s leading yoga teachers with over 40 years teaching experience.

Connecting with our bodies and breath and lifting our hearts, we will set our intentions for a time of growth, positivity and joy. The evening will be a chance to come together in Unity, sealing personal practice as a community, strengthening resolve and making the resolution for positive change.

The evening is open to all, to those new to Yoga as well as advanced practitioners. We encourage everyone to wear white, and hope you will join us on this special evening!



Nikki Slade

Nikki Slade is a leading pioneer in the field of chanting, core voice and sound work in the UK. Nikki has inspired thousands of individuals to chant and has led chanting workshops for many corporations including M&C Saatchi, Deutcshe Bank and Cisco. She has also taken her cutting edge approach to working with the voice into Wandsworth men’s prison and she is the resident voice facilitator at the Priory hospital in North London where she has impacted the recovery of hundreds of addicts over the past 13 years.

Nikki has recorded four highly popular chanting Cd’s: Nectarine, Monsoon, Soundscape and her latest double album Epiphany. She is the resident Kirtan (Chanting) leader at Triyoga in London and has travelled the world with her work to places including California, Singapore, NYC, Europe and Melbourne, Australia. She led a chant for over 2000 people at the 11.11.11 Mind, Body, Spirit show and at the 12.12.12 Oneness ceremony in London.



"The space between the exhale and the inhale, the delicate unfolding of the limbs, the art of unknowing, and the unfettered energy between us, hold the promise of a new beginning - this day is a new beginning".

John Stirk is one of the UK’s leading yoga teachers and his work in Yoga and Mind-Body movement has been evolving over a 40 year period. John graduated as an Osteopath in 1983 at the College of Osteopaths in London, where he subsequently lectured in Bio-Mechanics and Practical Osteopathy and was made a Fellow of the College in 1995.  He has been influenced by the work of R.D. Laing, of whom he was a student and ran Body/Mind workshops for many years, and Vanda Scaravelli, with whom he had personal tuition for several years. Other influences include the work of B.K.S. Iyengar, Moshe Feldenkrais, J. Krishnamurti, Ida Rolf, John Wernham, William Sutherland and Emilie Conrad. John has published several books, most notably The Original Body , and numerous magazine articles, ran teacher training courses and teaches around the UK and internationally.

John’s predominant inspiration arises from an ongoing investigation into the relationship between the quality of our patterns of movement and our way of being. His interest in the impediments to understanding, compassion and freedom from the self, informs his posture based work, which attends to the physical while simultaneously questioning the nature of conditioning, habit and fear in their various guises.

His work, while blending Eastern and Western approaches to health and personal growth, continues to evolve as a consequence of creative exploration in the moment.