Kick Ass Like a Woman: Cycle Alignment for Feminine Empowerment

Rudolf Steiner House, London | Wednesday 25th October, 7.00-9.30PM


Kick Ass Like a Woman: Cycle Alignment for Feminine Empowerment

Workshop with Merilyn Keskula: Mylky Moon Lab
Sacred Cacao Gong Ceremony with (tbc)

We need an economy based on sustainability, integrity, gratitude, connection with nature and collaboration. The connection to natural cycles is the foundation for changing the world on individual and collective level through our presence and our power to create, build and innovate.

Together we can learn to heal and strengthen the connection to our wild power by becoming more aware of the guidance of our bodies, the Universe, and how the natural cycles influence every cell and every moment of our being. 

6.45pm Arrival, Workshop will begin at 7pm. Sacred Cacao and Gong Ceremony begins at 8pm.




Mylky Moon Lab is an R&D Lab exploring and raising awareness of cyclical living to advance feminine leadership. By re-thinking the future of work from the feminine perspective, it offers a transformational shift in how women create, run and develop their businesses. By deepening awareness of the universal blueprint of our bodies and universal cycles in order to reconnect and align with natural rhythms, we can bring the flow of creativity, efficiency and ease to our workplaces and daily tasks. Mykly Moon is building a tribe of conscious female entrepreneurs and change makers for mutual support, connection and collaboration.