Advaya Initiative



Advaya Initiative is an environmental and wellbeing platform created by Ruby and Christabel Reed, two sisters and yoga teachers intent on inspiring activism for healthier, more environmentally aware and globally considerate lifestyles. 

We produce regular, dynamic events and materials to inspire, empower and educate Londoners in ways to heal their relationships with themselves, each other and the natural world. We invite groundbreaking speakers, thinkers and writers, as well as the world’s best healers, teachers and spiritual practitioners, to share their knowledge and perspective. 

Our work is based on the belief that the health of the planet and the health of the people are dependent upon one another and to create harmonious, conscious and long-lasting change we must address all dimensions of our existence. As we see the issues we face as inherently interconnected, event topics are diverse in nature and vary from mind-expanding workshops, talks and supper-clubs, to screenings, festivals, retreats, ceremonies and pilgrimages, each grounded in the triad of Activism, Healing Practices and Nature Connection. Each event therefore promotes clarity of mind, purity of action and a deeper connection to the Self, alongside educational content and communal action, transforming our understanding of the world, and most significantly, the way we interact with our surroundings. 


We pride ourselves on the calibre of our speakers and the quality of the experiences we create. Our talks and workshops are filmed and streamed via our Advaya Live platform (launched 2018). We also curate corporate and private events for those keen to recreate the Advaya experience in their workplace or home.  

We believe the time is ripe for a conscious and heart-led transformation of the way we treat ourselves, each other, and the natural world. Advaya Initiative aims to support, empower and inform those who wish to be part of this.

We are the people we are waiting for. We are the people who care, who dare to question and dare to stand up for the Earth. We have a profound respect and compassion for the Earth and for all of life. We know in our hearts what is good and what is right. We follow our hearts and seek positive solutions based on Love, basic goodness and common sense. Supporting these changes is our community.
— Glennie Kindred

Meet The Founders



Co-founder of Advaya Initiative and Advaya Magazine, Christabel’s main area of interest is the use of yoga for personal and ecological healing as well as activism.

Christabel is a full time Vinyasa Krama yoga teacher in London and has just completed her Masters at SOAS in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation.

She is also doing another four-year teacher training under Colin Dunsmuir to deepen and expand her knowledge and practice. 



Co-founder of Advaya Initiative and Advaya Magazine, Ruby Reed is an environmentalist, ashtangi, yoga teacher and adventurer with a passion for the ocean. She has been practicing yoga since her teens and ashtanga for the last fouryears, and is soon to make her second trip to study with Sharath in Mysore.

She is happiest when in water, and spent a lot of time beneath sea level last year teaching scuba diving in the Andaman Islands. She is a big believer in the power of the breath as the key to most things in life.

She produces the events and edits Advaya Magazine, and when not dreaming of Advaya’s next activities she works as an independent art consultant and strategist, helping start ups expand their remit through new initiatives.

She has a background in sales and development and MAs from the Courtauld and Edinburgh University.