Advaya Initiative

Nature Connection • Consciousness • Social Change

Through Awareness We Evolve


Advaya Initiative is an environmental and holistic wellbeing platform created by Ruby Reed and Christabel Reed, two sisters, activists and yoga teachers who see the ecological, social, political and personal crises of civilization as interconnected and as an opportunity to evolve, to come together and co-create.


Advaya seeks to inspire activism and healing in our relationships with ourselves and the natural world through editorial, video and events based content seeking to inspire, empower and educate. Advaya is bringing together an ever-increasing community of people who care with groundbreaking speakers, thinkers and writers, as well as the world’s best healers and teachers, to embark on full day immersions of workshops and talks, retreats, screenings, supper clubs, panel discussions, pilgrimages, parties and gatherings.


Advaya seeks to celebrate life, to ignite awe and wonder at the world around us, to reconnect and fall in love again with our precious planet. Only a society that has forgotten their intimate connection to nature, that has fallen out of love with the world, and has forgotten the power it has as a collective, can continue to stand by and watch as our environment is destroyed and life diminished.


Advaya delves into the practices of activism, rewilding, spiritual ecology, nature connection, cycle alignment, mythology and storytelling, using these as frameworks to explore environmental topics including conservation, consumption, plastic, ecofeminism, food and farming, alternative economies, climate change, ecocide and human rights.


Advaya wants to strip back the layers that prevent us from living our most authentic, wild, natural and connected lives, and thriving as we naturally should be in harmony with nature.


We are the people we are waiting for. We are the people who care, who dare to question and dare to stand up for the Earth. We have a profound respect and compassion for the Earth and for all of life. We know in our hearts what is good and what is right. We follow our hearts and seek positive solutions based on Love, basic goodness and common sense. Supporting these changes is our community.
— Glennie Kindred

Meet The Founders



Co-founder of Advaya Initiative and Advaya Magazine, Christabel’s main area of interest is the use of yoga for personal and ecological healing as well as activism.

Christabel is a full time Vinyasa Krama yoga teacher in London and has just completed her Masters at SOAS in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation.

She is also doing another four-year teacher training under Colin Dunsmuir to deepen and expand her knowledge and practice. 



Ruby Reed is a yoga teacher and environmental activist with a particular passion for the ocean. She is interested in embodiment and nature connection as sources of healing, self knowledge and empowerment, and co-founded Advaya Initiative in 2016 as an environmental and holistic wellbeing platform working for social change. 

Ruby is influenced by the dedicated, progressive approach and breath-led fluidity of the ashtanga practice, and the energetic attention and adaptability of Viniyoga and Yoga Therapy, as taught by her teacher Colin Dunsmuir. Her classes prioritise the breath as a tool for awareness, connection and healing, and integrate strong postures to build energy, resilience and vitality.  Ruby encourages creativity of expression, and works to build community around a renewed sense of awe and wonder in life so that we may connect with our most authentic, wild and natural selves, and thrive as we should in harmony with nature.

Ruby is happiest when in water and has spent a lot of time beneath sea level over the years, whether teaching scuba diving in the Andaman Islands or training as a freediver. She has a background in the art world working at auction houses, with private collectors and galleries, and has an MA with Distinction from the Courtauld, and an MA with First Class Honours from Edinburgh University.

Read more:  www.rubyreedyoga.com